Dream With Me

Imagine what things would be like if the Church were ONE in the way Jesus prayed in John 17:20-23.  Imagine what would happen for…


  • Every incoming Christian freshman plugged in before they get to campus because their home church helped get us connected beforehand
  • Every one interested in discipleship has a mentor who can get into their lives more deeply than a busy staff person could
  • Every one interested in a Summer Mission or Conference scholarshipped by an adopting congregation that is hungry to hear what God does
  • Every one willing to learn initiative evangelism taken out 1-on-1 in the first semester, creating a momentum to saturate the campus and a Win, Build, Send DNA
  • Every one graduating plugged into a community of believers where they live that gets what they experienced with Cru and helps them live SENT for a lifetime
  • Every one called to join staff fully supported because of the relationships they already formed with church members during college

Cru Staff and Movements

  • Every staff member supported by a network of churches and individuals who truly understand what they do because we are working hand-in-hand on a campus
  • Every staff member able to balance their work and life in a sustainable way because they are delegating well to a sufficient workforce
  • Every campus reached because local churches with a vested interest in the community have come together and been coached by Cru staff members
  • Every campus reached FULLY because a dozen volunteers from a dozen churches can mobilize more students at a school than a staff team ever could
  • Every culture reached because there are local churches OF that culture that understand them at a level we never will


  • Every interested church member being discipled
  • Every willing church saturated with Win, Build, Send DNA
  • Every neighborhood being reached by missionally living members
  • Every college-bound senior commissioned to reach their campus for Christ
  • Every involved pastor walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, rather than trying to run a church by their own strength
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